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So instead of doing some schoolwork due Tuesday I decided to spend my night reading this.

Oh dear lord.

Some of my favorites:

"I cannot imagine why nobody yet mentioned root beer. From a German perspective, that is the single weirdest thing to learn about, tightly followed by the taste of "grape" juice."

"4700 kinds of toothpaste."

"I was startled to find out that "God Save the Queen" has alternate lyrics."

"some places you can turn right on red -- wait what YOU CAN DRIVE THROUGH A RED LIGHT if you're turning WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE"

"...the scale of things is boggling to Europeans for a while and continues to be boggling in small ways for a long time. Fridges are HUGE compared to upright or under-the-counter European fridges. The default size for milk is the gallon, not the pint. Endless agonizing choices in the supermarket -- which of these 30 types of canned beans do I want now? Roads that feel twice as wide as they should be. Bank lobbies the size of railway stations."

The link to this.

"Everyone eats with one hand and keeps the other hand on their lap all through the meal. Also, sometimes they go through an elaborate switch-fork-to-left-hand-pick-up-knife-in-right-cut-up-food-then-switch-fork-back-to-right-hand dance."

"Love of pills: at the breakfast table there will something like a fruit bowl full of them. Perhaps one per family member. And this for people who are basically healthy."

And my favorite:

"College sport: the intensity of the following, the rivalries, the bands, the huge attendances, the tailgates. You get an inkling of it in film and television, but while the major professional sports get global broadcast coverage, and some of the accoutrements are covered in film and television, college sport largely stays under the radar. There's nothing directly comparable in Europe: the Oxford-Cambridge boat race is notable because it's anomalous. That's more 'big and weird', though it's important if your character is headed to Nebraska or environs."

I think I've been having too much fun with that thread. So I'm going to ask  you non-Americans who have visited the States, what shocked/surprised/startled you the most when you first visited? And you Americans who have traveled to another country, what shocked/surprised/startled you when you first arrived?

But really, can you only buy like two brands of toothpaste?
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04 November 2011 @ 10:29 pm
Paper on the Haitian Revolution due tomorrow.

Amount of words done so far? Zero.

I...really hate myself right now.
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19 October 2011 @ 10:19 pm
School is kicking my ass. Per usual.

Random question about fandom...is it normal to be over the show, but not over the fandom? I think I'm over LuRe in their show form. I have no desire to watch them or relive them on youtube or with videos I've downloaded. But I still read the fics religiously (you know, when school isn't, again, kicking my ass). I think the fiction versions of Luke and Reid have surpassed the show versions of Luke and Reid for me. Does that make sense? Is that normal?

Now I remember why I got out of Merlin mid season 2. (If you click on the second link, go to number 8) Considering the fact that the reason I even got into the show was because of Gwen and Morgana, this displeases me greatly. I get it, the show is primarily about Merlin and Arthur. But jeez, can the girls get more than just the random 30 second scene?
(But it always draws me back in.)

Occupy Wall Street has finally made it to Charleston. Two months later. LOL.

I haven't done any sort of physically exercising in about a month. Good Lord. And we're heading right into prime eating season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas). Again, good Lord. And the fair comes back around here next week. One more time, good Lord.

I need a new phone. Anyone got suggestions? The Galaxy Nexus looks good, but I don't think it'll be on my carrier.

Speaking of suggestions, anyone know of a good LJ theme? I switched to this one (obviously) cause I wanted to change it, but I don't know if I love it. I'm not picky, just want something....hmm, I don't know. Just something.
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20 September 2011 @ 09:44 pm
Breakfast: two handfuls of Honey Nut Cheerios

Lunch: boiled peanuts (if you don't know about boiled peanuts then you're not from the Southern United States)

Dinner: big ass slab of chocolate cake leftover from my birthday

I feel like I'm getting too old for this shit.

And yes, I wrote this while eating the cake.

My Tuesday? Interesting as fuck, obviously. How was yours? Anything you're looking forward to this week?
10 September 2011 @ 12:21 am
I was planning on writing this melancholy post about how life hasn't turned out the way I expected and how depressing shit is and blah blah blah. But I have a raging headache, my hair is wet, and I have a fuckton of school work due by Monday. So instead I'll just post this.

My personal favorite Simpsons song. Not the best they ever did (I think "Talkin Softball," "See My Vest," "Canyonero," and "We Do" are ahead of this) but it's top five. And it always make me teary eyed. Fox showed "Stark Raving Dad" (which is the episode this song is a part of) the Sunday after Michael Jackson's death and I started bawling. And I don't cry. Really.

(FYI-MJ didn't sing in the actual episode. He did the voice work and is credited as John Jay Smith, but because of a contract he had with Sony at the time that said he couldn't sing outside of pop albums/tours, it's actually an impersonator doing the singing in the episode.  MJ did write the song and recorded a version, which is this, and it was released in a collector's album type thing in the early 2000s.)

So for my 26th year on this Earth I give you one of the sweetest moments in Simpsons history.

Also-tonight is Michigan's first night game ever. Against one of our biggest rivals. Go Blue.
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12 August 2011 @ 11:18 pm
1. A, A, A, B. B was in philosophy. highest A was in creative writing. not shocking, but it's nice to know that after almost six years of not going to class i can still get A's. now, to finish out this school in a year and go on to a traditional university.

2. i counted my nail polish collection. it's up to 142. i think. i know it's 140-something and for some reason i remember 2. i want to get it up to 400. i have no idea why that particular number. just do. i plan to get rid of about 30 bottles so i need to shop some more.

3. i finally found the G2 pilot gel ink pen with orange ink. you have no idea how excited i was. really.

4. i've been thinking of writing another lure fic. inspired by recent fics written by sleeper6  and dpracket. i have no idea if i'm actually going to write this out, but the idea popped into my head.

5. i actually don't have a fifth. but five is a nice number to end on.

how was everyone's week?
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25 July 2011 @ 12:31 am
I come online  for the first time since Saturday and what do I see first? 

This. The True Blood trailer for the rest of season four at Comic-Con. (I don't feel like trying to embed the thing so just click on it.)

You guys. Naomi dies, doesn't she? This has made me super depressed, and like I've been droning on to several people, I CAN'T EVEN WATCH THE SHOW. Dammit, why does Tara always have to be the one who suffers? What the hell does AB have against her? Unless this is a first step to getting Sam and Tara back together, this is major "you suck Alan Ball" news to me. And it looks like Tara gets involved with that coven? What?? Again, why does Tara always have to suffer? I know the MO for this show is that everyone has shit thrown at them, but a hell of a lot of shit has been thrown at her. More than most.

Why can't shit be thrown at Arlene? All she has done to her is have a devil baby and be involved in an orgy. Boo freaking who.

Anyway, it looks like Jessica/Jason could be a thing. And like I was telling someone, the Jason/Jessica/Hoyt thing could be interesting since Hoyt and Jason are BFFs. That comment Jesus makes about only Lafayette and Marnie being able to contact the dead...that isn't just a passing comment is it? I would LOVE for Lafayette to have a big role in this witches thing concluding...for this season that is since the witches thing seems to go on in the books. I can see it now-Marnie is getting all the vampires to kill themselves by meeting the sun or something (doesn't matter, they're dying) and somehow Sookie convinces Lafayette to go against her and he saves the vampires, including Eric and restoring his memory. And what was that whole Jessica going out into this blinding light stuff? Again, I'm so damn close to saying "screw you" to Alan Ball. So close.

Everything else bores me. It's so weird that I love a show but only like three of the storylines. I guess that's how it goes sometimes. And if Naomi dies, can someone let me know?
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1. Did I ever say I was going back to school? I think I've said it in comments, but I don't know if I've said it in this journal. Well, I am. Just a small community college. And it's kicking my ass. Because I can't schedule my time for shit and I'm always behind. One of these days I'm not going to procrastinate as badly as I am now.

2. I've started to watch How I Met Your Mother. I've talked about this with roganrules but I love it. I don't watch a lot of tv, but I'm definitely adding it to my weekly rotation when it comes back on in fall. Some please tell me Barney and Robin end up together. And that we're going to meet the kids' mother soon. Oh, and I forgot to add this roganrules in our message, but I knew the girl looked familiar! Colleen from Y&R. The first teenage Colleen. Everyone's favorite Colleen. (Even if I liked all three actresses that played the role.) Are they still using her or have they recasted the part?

3. If you didn't watch them this morning/afternoon, FUCK YES USWNT!!! I usually love to watch the Brazilian soccer teams, but man the women were diving divers who dived. They're better than that shit. The USWNT play France next and have a really good shot at getting to the finals. And speaking of soccer, my new crush. Side shaved head and all.

4. I don't know if I've ever said how much of a tennis freak I am, but I love the sport. Remember the name: Petra Kvitova.

5. I've spent $77 on nail polish this month. And I mean this month. Since July 1. Something is wrong with me. But at least it's not drugs or things of that ilk, right?

6. I really miss college football. These are going to be the longest two months ever.

7. This. THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS. It looks fattening and a easy way to overeat, but you better believe come mid-October during football season I WILL be making this.

8. I don't have HBO anymore. And I miss True Blood. Like, really miss. And I didn't get to see Game of Thrones. Boo hiss.

9. It's so hot outside. Why does the South have to be so fucking hot? 
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11 May 2011 @ 04:46 pm
I know everyone in the LuRe community is upset that Eric isn't nominated. I'm not all that surprised. Newbies to daytime don't usually earn a nomination unless they make an impact (think Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan) on Guiding Light) that's was monumental to the show that year. As much as I love ESS, that didn't happen with his character, no matter how good he was. The only other way is if there aren't too many contenders for the award in that category. And from what I've read, Best Supporting Actor has many contenders.

What I'm more pissed about is Trent and Michael Muhney (Adam, Y&R) didn't get nominations. WHAT? Trent was AMAZING last year. When Henry found out that Vienna wasn't really pregnant and he confronted Katie about her keeping it a secret, it was damn near the best scene on the show that year. And as much as I hate Adam (and Lord knows I cannot stand that character) MM has been tremendous in the role. He's completely made it his own and has taken it to a level the previous actor that played Adam didn't/couldn't do.

Other thoughts...I really hate it when B&B wins Best Drama because usually it sucks. But I don't see how they don't win if they submit the stuff from when Stephanie went through her lung cancer. It would be awesome to see Debbi Morgan or Colleen Zenk win Best Actress, but I suspect it'd will be Susan Flannery or Michelle Stafford. Remember when Best Younger Actor/Actress had five or six nominations? What the hell happened? Only three a piece? Was that a new rule they put in place? My love for when he played Gus on GL makes me hope Ricky Paull Goldin wins Best Actor. Julie Pinson is nominated again. WTF? Watch she wins again this year, despite everyone who watched ATWT hating her. Go Heather Tom and Tricia Cast. LOL at ATWT getting a Best Writing nom. LOL forever. And after next years awards (since OLTL and AMC will be eligible for them) will there even be any more acting awards in the Daytime Emmys? What's the point with only four soaps? 
03 May 2011 @ 02:30 am
So I'm watching the Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty Sneak Peek thing again tonight (for like the fifth time) and I started wondering...

was Eric's voice always that high? It sounds higher in this movie than on ATWT. So, did he change it up for this or for ATWT? Or am I hearing things? If I am just tell me. I'm already halfway crazy. It'll be nice to know I'm almost there.

Also, I can't stop saying "she cupped my hand." LOL. Dear men of the world, just because a female cups your hand doesn't mean she wants to bone you.

And one last thing-everyone can see that's a cigarette the other guy is smoking, right? Jesus, the filter part is brown. Last time I checked rolled joints didn't have a little brown filter part. I'm just saying, the director/editor/producer/whoever is in charged in the editing part should have seen that and photoshopped (or whatever the movie equivalent is) that out. It's tiny little things like that that bother me when watching a movie.

Now, to watch it seven one more time before going to sleep. :D
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